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In fact many suppliers and manufacturers in many locations across the world use our thermoformed parts. As a system supplier we do the initial development as well as the production and future optimising.

System supplier WOLF packaging: construction, modelling, production thermoforming parts

Our experience serves us to be a reliable and very flexible partner who satisfies your requirements for up-to-date solutions: you will get cost-conscious, simple ideas, super light and tough at the same time, stackable or self-supporting, appropiate for robot-loading and well secured for long transport.

WOLF packaging is DIN-certified EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001


Wolf Verpackungen GmbH Zertifikate
Our basic services are Description
Construction and development of packaging solutions Based on the profile of requirement we define the suitable plastics and the material. With the help of CAD-programm Catia V5 and Siemens NX we create 3D or 2D construction drawings of the packaging
Construction of tools and forms CAD and CAM software serves the tool contruction for samples, prototypes, experimental-and pre-series, as well as series, also in outsourcing
Thermoforming With vacuum-thermoform machines for single- and serial production of trays, containers, inlayers, component holders etc.
CNC mill-out work For tool construction, trimming and later handling
Installation of components Also in outsourcing
Recycling Such as taking-back and cutting of our plastic packaging
Storage and dispatch
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