Thermoforming formed components

Thermoforming formed components made of plastics is, considering the cost factor almost unbeatable, especially for unique copies as well as for small and middle-sized series and, of course, it keeps you flexible. In the unit construction & development of WOLF packaging we work out the ideal packaging- and transport solution according to your requirement profile. We present it with the help of Catia V5 or Siemens NX software as 2D- or 3D construction, before we produce a sample or prototype or even a series.

Construction & development: one source from desire to reality

Before doing so you need to provide us with CAD data or the part to be packed itself. We will be at your side for the definition of your demand on the packaging concerning package-unit, size, functionality, stability, needed number of pieces, application area (e.g. in small carriers or stake frames or racks ), security-relevant aspects (e.g. hazardous goods), storage, transport (e.g. non-contacting load ), handling (e.g. quick de-piling, robot loading).

Take advantage from our experience

Right from the beginning you can take advantage from our experience as a system supplier, for we already include construction- and logistic processes into the concept phase. The knowledge for the ideal material for tool construction flows as well into the individual manufacturing as the competence as a thermoformer, e.g. producing an extremely high component as the wheel-arch coverage shown in the picture. So we maximize for you the benefit out of your packaging concerning accuracy of fit, stackability, reduction of volume, optimising of material-, production- and recycling costs.

System supplier Wolf Verpackungen Tool construction

Flexible in every phase

2-D 3-D CAD

Requirements on packing and transport solutions sometimes change rapidly. Additional complements and sometimes just minimal corrections of vehicle-parts, e.g.for the model care, need for alterations. Milling-cut cut-outs afterwards (see videosequenz) is only one of the many options to take advantage from construction to optimising of an already existing form part.

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